At Centralis, we know that details matter. Our team creates designs that address your goals and satisfy your users.

The best designs go beyond making things look good. We believe that design should help people achieve their goals as efficiently and delightfully as possible. To us, this starts at the interface and builds up through multiple touchpoints (where they interact with your company) and platforms (how they interact with your company).


Our Design Method

We draw on our experience from Agile and Lean UX in a feedback-driven process.

Projects begin with design concepts. These concepts are drafts of ideas, shared via prototypes and multiple-screen flows. They portray options for our overall design direction, and give you an opportunity to shape the way forward.

Next, we work with you to refine those concepts into wireframes and prototypes. With a higher level of detail than design concepts - think a black-and-white walkthrough of your product - this is where individual screens and flows really come together. The resulting prototype can serve as the stimuli for usability testing.

After the wireframe phase, visual design is incorporated. If you need visual design, we will work with one of our trusted design partners to create an interface that reflects your brand.

Why Us?

We ponder the big picture and sweat the small stuff. Our experience and our process lets us think big, so we can recommend features to address user needs. And since details matter, we pay attention to the interface and copy we use in prototypes - no Lorem Ipsum text here.

We have deep experience in diverse industries. We're happy to have worked with the best of the best. This exposure to different industries and clients helps us identify what works best for your design.

We keep the lines of communication wide open. At Centralis, we welcome a healthy dialogue. During the entire design process we bring you into the conversation and collaborate with you on concepts and wireframes.

We help prioritize what's important. Finally, we understand that resources are limited. As we create our designs, we prioritize what matters most so you can get the results you need faster.

Case Studies

Learn how our designs helped these organizations reach their business goals.

We designed a way for Costco Travel's users to easily customize their travel plans.

Centralis helped Pitney Bowes design a revolutionary new cross-platform user experience for digital mail.

Centralis created a more user-focused application with SurePayroll.