Our passion for creating great experiences drives everything we do.

Centralis helps clients succeed by making their products, services, software and websites easier to use. We create superior user experiences that address customer needs thoughtfully and thoroughly, making it easier for people to accomplish their goals.

Founded in 2001, Centralis is a leader in the field of user experience, which integrates interface design with research skills, usability expertise and business strategy to ensure that products meet the needs of both businesses and customers. Our services include user researchuser experience design, and usability testing. We have an onsite research lab custom-designed for user experience research, as well as a mobile lab for studying users wherever they are.

Our work is grounded in these guiding principles:

Great products succeed when they delight users while also meeting business goals. Our focus on user needs brings the customer’s voice into the design process, but we know that’s only half the story. We work with you to create compelling products that succeed for your business as well as your customers.

To design for users, we need to know who they are and what they do. We study real users, doing real tasks. We rely on a broad set of methods to uncover user needs and spur innovation.

The best researchers are great designers, and vice versa. Everyone on the Centralis team is a researcher and a designer, with graduate training and significant experience in both domains. Our integrated approach enables us to target our research at the right questions and transform findings into specific, concrete design solutions.

We strive to meet our users’ needs, too. Our focus on customer needs also guides the way we work with you. We approach each initiative with the creativity and flexibility required to address your unique goals. Our collaborative approach makes us a good fit with both internal teams and agency partnerships.