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Centralis has a state-of-the-art lab for usability testing, focus groups and concept testing.

Located just outside Chicago in Evanston, Illinois, Centralis Lab is an exciting venue for a wide variety of user research projects, including usability testing, living-room style consumer product testing and group discussions.

Specifically designed for user experience research, Centralis Lab provides a neutral setting for participants to experience your product, as well as a stimulating environment for your team to observe, discuss and design.

About the testing room:

  • 18' x 12' testing room comfortably accommodates one-on-one usability testing, as well as focus groups for concept testing
  • Conference room and living room configurations available
  • Multiple camera angles record participants’ facial expressions, hand movements, on-screen activity and physical manipulation of products
  • High resolution digital picture-in-picture recording
  • All sessions are digitally recorded; live remote observation is also available

About the observation room:

  • 18' x 20' observation room with one-way mirror easily accommodates up to 12 observers
  • 42" LCD TV provides close-ups of the participant’s facial expressions
  • Flat-panel monitors on each table provide detailed views of participant behavior with websites, software or other products
  • Large tables with ergonomic chairs and ample work space
  • High-speed Internet (wired and wireless), with backup WAN
  • Tabletop speakers with individual volume controls

Our proximity to Chicago and its northern suburbs provides a rich recruiting base for many audiences, including general consumers, business professionals and students from nearby universities.  We can also test just about anywhere using our mobile lab.

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