We're Centralis. We specialize in expert usability evaluations.

Our experience spans 500+ projects, including software, websites, mobile applications and physical devices. We reveal and diagnose usability issues and give you expert insights and actionable recommendations on how to improve the user experience and your bottom line.

Our usability evaluations cover: 

  • Ease of Navigation

  • Effectiveness of screen layouts

  • Findability of key features and functions

  • Intuitiveness of interaction designs 

  • Efficiency of user flows 

  • Clarity of messaging and labels


How can we help?

To discuss your project and get a free estimate, contact us at (847) 864-7713 or info@centralis.com, or fill out the form below and we'll get back to you right away!

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Our usability evaluation methods

  • Live and remote usability testing

  • Usability best practices reviews

  • Cognitive walkthroughs

  • Heuristic evaluations

Why we're awesome

  • 16 years working with leading national clients

  • 500+ projects worldwide

  • Software, websites, devices, touchscreen applications  

  • 80% of clients are repeat customers

  • Highly trained full time staff of usability experts  

  • State of the art usability lab   

"The analysis and presentation were great. I was excited to see people immediately considering how we can incorporate your feedback!"
- Director, Consumer Insights

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