Centralis helped provide RTA transit riders with the resources they needed to navigate Chicagoland.

Chicago’s Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) is the financial oversight and planning body for three public transit operators in northeastern Illinois, with more than 300 bus and rail lines serving four million riders every week. The RTA asked Centralis to ensure that a new series of integrated maps, signs and schedules were effective for helping passengers make decisions on the best way to reach their destination.


Our Work

  • Contextual Field Study

  • Usability Testing

  • Design Consultation

The Outcome

In the Centralis lab, participants were asked to plan future trips using a series of new maps and schedules, providing detailed usability information on individual routes. At a large public transportation hub, we observed participants using maps and signs to determine where they should go to complete their travels. Sign placement, lighting and accessibility issues were also evaluated, identifying key opportunities to modify and augment the signage to provide a better experience for transit riders.

Acting on our recommendations, the RTA has improved its integrated signage and is adding it to additional stations. The RTA continues to work with Centralis to help riders plan and execute successful journeys through the Chicago transit system.

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Other Government Clients

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