Centralis helped United Airlines elevate its user experience above key competitors.

United Airlines, one of the world's premier airlines, focuses on refining and elevating its overall customer experience. As a part of this effort, United chose Centralis to compare its site against leading competitors. Over two studies, we held usability sessions to inform the site's redesign.

United.com before Round One

United.com before Round One

United.com after redesign

United.com after redesign

Our Work

  • Two rounds of comparative usability testing
  • Pre- and post-redesign benchmark metrics
  • Business and leisure travelers


The Outcome

In an initial round of testing, we assessed the usability of the then-current United.com against three key competitors. Using our findings and recommendations from the first round of research, United Airlines completed a beta-version redesign of their website in between rounds. 

Following the beta redesign, Centralis again conducted usability testing comparing the new United.com to both the same and additional competitors. The redesign was seen by users as a significant improvement over the original, and performed considerably better when tested against competitors’ websites. Centralis left United with further recommendations to enhance the final version of the website. 

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