We've been conducting all manner of user research for years and, well, we've seen our share of mishaps. Maybe a participant doesn't show up... or maybe a participant shows up, say, a little tipsy. How do you recover from that?

Our own Kathi Kaiser will be sharing tips on dealing with the unexpected at this year's Madison+ UX conference, in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin this July. Kathi's talk, "If It Can Go Wrong, It Will: How to Bulletproof Your User Research", will give you the lowdown on making the most of your time with your users.

The Madison+ UX conference is a great one, and this year's lineup is tremendous. We're proud to count Kathi among the speakers - and we hope to see you there!

Conference registration is open right now, and the cost is $299. (Be sure to enjoy some Stella's bread and New Glarus when you're there.)