“Blue makes people feel safe.” “Avoid using white when designing for the Indian market because it’s the color of mourning.” “Red is the best color to use for a call-to-action.”  

These days, it seems like UX blogs and publications are full of advice on the “correct” ways to use color in UX design. Though this advice sometimes contains nuggets of truth, more often than not, it’s not scientifically proven — or worse, it’s just plain wrong. Color is a powerful tool in the UXer’s arsenal, and we at Centralis believe it’s a tool worth learning to use well!

Interested in leveling-up your color knowledge? Join our resident color expert Elizabeth Allen at ConveyUX 2015, where she will present "Red Herrings: Debunking the Pop Psychology of Color". Elizabeth will share some fascinating research on color perception and present scientifically-grounded strategies for selecting colors to grab attention, convey the right message, and communicate with colorblind users.

Registration for ConveyUX 2015, taking place in Seattle from January 22-24, is now open!