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Kathi Kaiser and Jennifer Canady to speak at UPA 2012

June 1, 2012: Centralis’ Kathi Kaiser and Jennifer Canady are pleased to be part of the program for the Usability Professionals’ Association annual conference, to be held from June 4-8th in Las Vegas, NV.

Centralis co-founder Kathi Kaiser is a featured speaker on an IGNITE panel entitled Let’s Get Together, People: Why UX Practitioners and Marketing Researchers Need to Join Forces Now. In an action-packed five-minute talk, Kathi will explore how organizational structures and attitudes can impede UX professionals from contributing to a 360 degree view of customer needs. Kathi will detail how vital it has become for market research, customer service and user experience to unite with other disciplines to better serve the ultimate needs of the customer.
In keeping with the conference theme of Leadership, User Experience Specialist Jennifer Canady will present a poster entitled, How to Be a Better UX Mentor: The Mentee’s Perspective. The poster will focus on how mentors can effectively grow better UX professionals as they make the transition from the university to the working world. Jennifer will showcase data collected from surveys and interviews with recent graduates that will enlighten hiring managers and mentors about what types of guidance are most useful by providing insight from the mentee’s perspective.

About the Usability Professionals' Association (UPA)
Founded in 1991, the Usability Professionals’ Association is the international association supporting people who research, design, and evaluate the user experience of products and services. The UPA holds a yearly international conference, publishes new findings through both the Journal of Usability Studies (JUS) and through User Experience Magazine, and has 50 chapters around the world. The 2012 UPA annual conference will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada from June 4 to 8. For more information about this conference, go to http://www.upassoc.org/conference/2011/index.html.

About Centralis
Centralis helps clients succeed by making their products, services, software and websites easier to use. Founded in 2001, Centralis is a leader in User Experience, a field that integrates interface design, user research and business strategy to ensure that products meet the needs of both businesses and customers. Our services include user research, experience design, usability testing and training. We have an onsite research lab custom-designed for user experience research, as well as a mobile lab for studying users wherever they are. For more information on Centralis, go to www.centralis.com.