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Centralis' Amy Quinn and Kathi Kaiser to present at the 2009 Usability Professionals Association annual conference

January 5, 2009: The Usability Professionals' Association (UPA) has invited Amy Quinn and Kathi Kaiser from Centralis to present at the 2009 UPA annual conference, one of the premiere conferences in the user experience field.

The presentation, entitled Defining the Big Picture: Modifying Contextual Design to Determine Business Objectives, will describe how the authors have modified traditional Contextual Design methodology to set business priorities and identify opportunities for innovation.  The presentation draws on examples of Centralis' work from a variety of industries, including legal, architecture/construction, information services and consumer products.

About the Usability Professionals' Association
The UPA is an international association for usability professionals. The 2009 UPA annual conference will be held in Portland, Oregon from June 8 to 12. For more information about this conference, go to http://www.usabilityprofessionals.org/conference/2009/.

About Centralis
Centralis helps clients succeed by making their products, services, software and websites easier to use.  Founded in 2001, Centralis is a leader in User Experience, a field that integrates interface design, user research and business strategy to ensure that products meet the needs of both businesses and customers.  Our services include user research, experience design, usability testing and training.  We have an onsite research lab custom-designed for user experience research, as well as a mobile lab for studying users wherever they are.  For more information on Centralis, go to www.centralis.com.