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Centralis’ Kathi Kaiser and Elizabeth Benker present "They Want My What?!? Overcoming User Reluctance to Providing Personal Information in Online Transactions" at UPA 2008

June 12, 2008: With both online transactions and identity theft on the rise, how can companies reassure users that their websites are safe, and encourage customers to disclose the personal information required to do business? Centralis’ Kathi Kaiser and Elizabeth Benker provided guidance for the industry with today’s presentation to the Usability Professionals’ Association, entitled “They Want My What?!? Overcoming User Reluctance to Providing Personal Information in Online Transactions.”

The outcome of several months of research and analysis, Ms. Kaiser and Ms. Benker outlined a set of best practices for site design that address two key dimensions for overcoming user reluctance: increasing motivation and instilling trust. Session participants received specific guidance for making their users feel more comfortable transacting business online.

Ms. Kaiser is a founding partner of Centralis, and a frequent presenter at UPA events. Ms. Benker is a Senior User Experience Specialist at Centralis. The pair received compliments on both the quality of their work and their compelling presentation style. Presentation slides are available upon request from info@centralis.com.

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